Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Machining is a cutting process that uses 45-55 thousand psi water pressure and a cutting medium called garnet to cut through almost any plate material.  Waterjet is a cold cutting process which leaves no heat affected material zone or part distortion. Waterjet cutting also leaves no slag and very small kerf maximizing material usage and very little or sometimes no post cutting part cleanup.  Are Omax waterjet uses a Tilt A Jet taper compensating head to produce a square, clean and taper free side profile.  We have a cutting envelope of 55 inches by 100 inches and can hold a 60 inch by 120 inch sheet of material.  Waterjet cutting is capable of cutting steel, aluminums, plastic, glass, granite, wood and composites. Email your drawing either in a cad file format or a sketch on a piece of paper with material type and thickness for a free quote to info@seawayvalleymillwrighting.com

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